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I have so many projects on the go or starting that I decided to treat myself to a new goal planner. I have notes and little books all over the place. I’m a list builder, big time. But that’s for work and shopping and banking, stuff I can get down on paper and then forget about until I check my list. I have a small pad that lives next to my laptop which I update every Friday with creative projects, blogging notes and reminders to update my websites. Stuff like that. I have a ‘your best year ever‘ creative business planner by Lisa Jacobs that I used all last year. It’s a 2016 copy that I never used and it is a great tool for starting the new year. I’m using the 2017 version now , they are like a quarter of the price!. Who needs exact dates when you’re planning goals? I check in with this monthly rather than weekly and see where I’m at. So I have lots of info getting written down but I want a place for steps, building blocks to get me where I want to be. I love goal setting because I get motivated so much everytime I cross something off. Adding something new is a buzz too. I don’t like rigidity though, it makes me panic. I try to be a little versatile with what gets done and allow myself to reassess regularly. As long as a little step is taken everyday, I’m gaining ground.

Anyway back to my new goal planner. I love, love ,love this planner. This is the ‘Make Art Everyday Planner – a weekly planner for creative thinkers’ by Katie Vernon and for a tenner it’s absolutely fab. Oh and it comes with several pages of lovely stickers. Pictures are better than words here 👌Check it out on Amazon here